New 50 Program

Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Program for Men Aged 40+

mlosingweightOptimal health and wellness consist of several factors that will affect your activity of daily living for the rest of your life. These factors are diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, stress reduction and hormonal restoration. We chose the name ‘New 50’ because let’s face it, the 50 year olds of 20 years ago are not the same today. People have become more active and health conscious which has increased life expectancy. We want to assist our clients in delaying the ill effects of aging to keep them as healthy and active as possible for years to come. Our New 50 program will help you obtain the successful results you expect. We look forward to renewing your health, zest and vitality. Check out the New 50 website for additional information.

Check out The New 50 Website

The Details:

A comprehensive evaluation will be conducted in our facility. We will obtain a thorough history and physical exam by a licensed medical provider. The evaluation will allow you to meet the provider and discuss your personal needs and expectations. We will have blood work done to include hormone levels. We partner with each patient, tailoring our recommendations to their particular needs. We encourage each patient to take control of their health care decisions and become an active partner in this process.

New 50 goals are to assist you with making life style changes – not quick fixes that are guaranteed to fail.

The program will provide support in the following areas…

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Hormonal Restoration

The Plan In Detail:

We understand that there is no one diet that can solve every weight loss situation. There are many factors that affect our food choices. New 50 will make this process simple by outlining food that are good and healthy and also bring attentions to foods that are detrimental to your success. Obviously caloric intake must be less than calories burned in order to lose weight however we do not promote fad and starvation diets. Our goal is to partner with you in making lifestyle changes instead of quick fads that show initial success but long term failure. We encourage you to make lifestyle permanent changes that will have lifelong benefits. You will be surprised of the good foods out there even if consumed in large amounts will assist you with weight loss and good health. NO STARVATION DIETS!!!! They don’t work.

Our weight loss program will be medically supervised by a licensed medical provider. The provider may prescribe medicines to assist in appetite suppression to prevent the sugar and snack cravings. We will also provide lipotropic injection once per week design to increase fat burning. Lipotropic injection is a combination of B-complex essential and non-essential amino acids. Some of which are not produced by the body or not easily obtained from current food source. Lipotropic shots/injections are used in conjunction with many different diet plans to aid in losing weight. Lipotropic injections are a mixture of vitamins that assist and enhance the burning of fat. We will monitor your progress through the program and be available for your questions and concerns. You must make exercise apart of your diet and lifestyle modification regiment. We recommend daily exercise, even brisk 45 minute to an hour walks. Not everyone will be at the same level of fitness so you must tailor your caloric intake to fit your activity level. A list of good foods will be provided with the number of calorie per item and a method of calculating the number of calories burned to keep you on track.

After the history and physical is performed we draw lab work to determine if our clients are deficient in testosterone Andropause or “male menopause” Comes from the lack of testosterone. Men testosterone level begin decline around age 40. Knowledge and attitudes regarding the existence and treatment for andropause have recently undergone a revolutionary change. Signs and symptoms include: Weakness, fatigue, insomnia, reduced libido erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, reduced muscle mass, memory impairment and reduced cognitive function.

Natural Bio-identical Hormone Replacement is the process of replacing these hormones to its physiological level that is considered normal for younger males On average a man’s testosterone level begins to decline at a rate of 1% per year beginning around age 40. Laboratory test must be performed and be supported by presence of sign and symptoms prior to testosterone treatment are given. WE ARE NOT AN ILLEGAL STEROID CLINIC. If the lab test and signs and symptoms do not support the diagnosis then steroid treatment will not be given. We will not administer testosterone treatment if there is a history of prostate cancer

Natural testosterone must not be confused with synthetic derivatives or “Anabolic Steroids” which when used by athletes and body builders have caused disastrous effects including heart problem and cancer. The term “testosterone” is often used generically when referring to other synthetic derivatives. The confusion surrounding testosterone transcends the lay person; it is responsible for the conflicting data in the medical literature about the benefits and risk of testosterone therapy. Studies must be reviewed carefully to determine the form of testosterone used. For example, administration of synthetic (Anabolic Steroids) causes a decrease in HDL (good Cholesterol) and increases LDL (bad Cholesterol) thus increasing the incidence of serious heart diseases. Natural Hormone replacement results in lowering the total cholesterol and LDL and having no affect on HDL. Studies also show that anabolic steroids have shown and increase in liver enzymes and cholesterol and are not recommended

Male Hormone replacement promotes a healthy life style by increasing energy levels, lowering cholesterol. Reduction in weight which induces a more active and health life. Lack of exercise, excessive alcohol use and many diseases can reduce the bioavailability of hormone levels. For optimal results it is vital that hormone replacement therapy be combined with adequate exercise, proper nutrition, and appropriate use of natural supplements.

Due to the complex nature of female hormone replacement and the increased incidence of breast and uterine cancer our organization feel it is most appropriate that female hormone replacement be administered by their primary care provider.

New 50 Program Costs:

New 50 weight loss and hormone replacement program is a cash or credit card program – payment is due at the start of the program. The program is not covered under insurance.

WEIGHT CONTROL PROGRAM for men and women
$200.00 Initial consultation, body mass index and body composition measurements, and 8 weeks of lipotropic weekly injections.
$50.00 to $75.00 the pharmacy of your choice for 8 weeks provider prescribed appetite suppressant.
$30.00 for labs performed in clinic.
$125 for physical exam, height, weight, and BMI calculations, diabetes and hypothyroidism screening, monthly counseling and appetite suppression medicine with no lipotropic injections.

$200 Initial consultation, body mass index and body composition measurements, physical exam and lab studies.
We will provide 20 week cycles with and 30 day post cycle therapy. All medications and supplies will be provided for the entire 6 month at an all inclusive price of $1500. The cost of the program includes all lab work that must be completed after the initial 10 weeks at our cost to LabCorp in order to continue the injection beyond 10 weeks. The lab studies used to monitor your progress and to identify any abnormal changes in our clients health as they continue with the program.

** New50 weight control and hormone replacement program is not designed to treat or prevent any illness or disease. Our program is designed to assist all clients with their individual needs towards weight control and hormone replacement. Our programs are not evolved around a quick fix fad diet that has all proven time and time again to fail. We want to assist our client with getting in shape, become active and healthy. WE ARE NOT AN ANABOLIC STEROID CLINIC NOR WILL WE TREAT ANYONE WITH TESTOSTERONE UNLESS THE BLOOD TEST PROVES THEY ARE DEFICIENT. Most men over forty maybe deficient especially if they have experience the signs and symptoms of low testosterone (Signs and symptoms include: Weakness, fatigue, insomnia, reduced libido erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, reduced muscle mass, memory impairment and reduced cognitive function.)

Lipotropics have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This product is NOT intended to: diagnose, treat or prevent any illness or disease. Lab work must be repeated after eight weeks at a cost of $145 in order to continue the injections past the eight week mark.