Medical Weight Loss

Professional Medical Weight Management

scalesMany people are unhappy with their weight and are not sure how to conquer their weight problem. If you’ve struggled with your weight most of your adult life, come to Haymount Urgent Care for your initial consultation and learn how to maintain a proper diet and weight control. Our weight management program is designed to help people to be aware of the pitfalls of dieting and food that are high in sugar content. Our management program will also provide lessons on how to read labels and much more. To continue the program after 60 days, the cost for the visit to refill your prescription is $75 (Option 1) or $300 (Option 2). Injections are $25 per week.

Our Program Offers:

  • A complete physical exam designed for weight loss (by a North Carolina licensed medical provider)
  • Height, weight and BMI calculations
  • Screening labs for diabetes and hypothyroidism
  • Monthly counseling and documented progress
  • Sample diet specifically designed for individual caloric needs